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So,Hurricane Irene..

Aug. 26th, 2011 | 09:16 am
location: United States, North Carolina
mood: optimistic optimistic
music: Howl - Florence & The Machine

  So as alot of people have heard, there's been a lot of attention over this oncoming Hurricane, and frankly, I was taken by surprised! (/*0*\) (Hahaha, to be honest I didn't know a thing up until last week

*facepalm* If I didn't have TV, I'd most likely end up dead because of my weather misinterpretations..)

  Not over the fact it's a hurricane, but because this is really frequent event in my area (happens a TON) , and this is the first time such pre-cautionary measures have been taken~! *I didn't think a category 3 was too bad either..* The usual places hit hardest are the beach front houses, The worst I can recall a few years back as a kid I saw a woman crying on the porch of her house, the roof had been completely peeled off, I mean, it looked as if it were a doll house of some sort, really tragic.
But recently, I've recieved county warning calls for  the first time about storing unbolted things away so they don't lift up in the wind, usually that's a common sense sort of thing for plastic lawn chairs, but they're including stuff like outdoor grills *laugh*, which makes me a bit worried. Anywho, the usual stuff my house undergoes are power-outages *though that occurs almost every time we get the tiniest thunderstorms (-u-;)*, slewn trees/branches courtesy of Mother Nature, and the occasional street flooding (>_>;)

(Happens a lot more than you think it would).

   Honestly, the reason I think it got so much attention was because of it hitting popularly-known states coupled with how much people are concerned over weather, after recent natural-catastrophes. Haha...ah, that doesn't sound partiicularly nice at all  (._.;) ...Sorry. I'm not  trying to over-simplify it or trying to make it sound like something unconcerning (Because IT IS A BIG DEAL), but during our last lightningstorm we actually had two people struck by lightning and survive!! (They were both indoor incidents too!) and that wasn't even really discussed at all!

  But never you all worry~!   I'm still taking all of the necessary pre-cautions and bracing myself for a doozy, none-the-less~ \( > U < )/ ~ <( <3 )  I also really appreciate all of the concern you all have had for those of us who are affected, and I'll be sure to keep everyone posted once the incident has passed.
EDITS: 60 MPH winds/ 7-8 inches of windfall predicted. Category 3 bumped down to 1 ( * U * ), but severe rains/flooding and power outages are going to be abundant..

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Feeling Inadequate anyone?

Feb. 5th, 2011 | 07:29 pm
location: Echo.. Echo..
mood: crappy crappy
music: Hate This Part

Man, I keep looking back on the few amounts of LJ posts i've made and keep seeing a staggering amount of confusing-illiteracy coming from me..Kiddies, word to the wise, don't post when you feel enthusiatic or over-excited... (-_-;)  I should probably set up a prettier design layout too...my page looks a mess...

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Jesus Christ America...

Jan. 4th, 2011 | 02:57 pm

You&apos;ve gotta love Greedy-Pigs...

  Fun fact, this didn't actually happen to me, but my mother. Except that last part. That was what I was surprised to not see happen more often, when situations like these occur almost everyday.

Seriously though America, What the actual f@%#?

Is this the money grubbing nation your all so keen to brag and have pride in? Because this is all were turning into. Excluding of course, SO MANY OTHER ATROCITIES.

It's like we're constantly bombarded by all of these new curbs and oh-so-fun fees within our society, to make up for blown money from our government and higher ups, when we can barely support ourselves due to a insanely high tax rate (Which i wouldn't complain about, IF IT WERE SERVING ITS INTENDED PURPOSE) on the working class, and an all of a sudden very low amount of pay/jobs .

Blegh, sorry for the ranting. I've had a very long, exhaustive, and
Bad-filled day.

On the upside i got to go out today,bought a new book with my christmas money, got some breakfast, and that comic with a present from my family.  :3

Haven't had some of that in awhile! HAHAHA

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Erm..so hello everyone ^^

May. 30th, 2010 | 10:15 pm
mood: nervous nervous

Well....How do i start this...? Ah, well the nick-name's Mew for short,  I'm still pretty new to a lot of things on Live journal so forgive me for any naive things I may do, or ask ^^

To be honest I absolutely adore Japan and almost all of things that come from there,I hope to visit there someday.

One of my main interests lie in Fandoms (i.e. Videogames , Anime, Manga , etc.), they fluctuate and rotate every once in awhile so I indeed will have a few noticeable outburst of my likings every so often :3 Well, That's all i can
for now so i hope to meet many friends here and enjoy my stay, so Bye bye,

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